Breakdowns & Assistance

VMR Bribie Island provides a full rescue service to mariners who experience vessel breakdowns or require assistance due to medical or other emergencies. It is far easier and quicker for us to locate you and provide assistance when you have logged on with us so we encourage all mariners to do so before commencing their voyage.

Should you unfortunately experience a breakdown or require other assistance then it is vital that you contact VMR Bribie Island as soon as possible while ensuring that you and your passengers remain calm. Our Radio Operators are experienced and will assess the situation then advise you of the steps to be taken while activating the appropriate response team to attend to you.

For vessels that have broken down, and are unable to be restarted, we will offer a tow to the nearest appropriate safe harbour. If circumstances allow then we will attempt to tow you to your departure point however this can't be guaranteed.

Please note that under current regulations we are unable to transport fuel to your vessel.

You should also be aware that our priority is at all times the safety of lives at sea, including our own. Recovery of property is secondary however we will always act with common sense and compassion.

You may contact us on VHF channel 73, 27MHz channel 90 or by phone direct to the radio room on 3408 7596. If you are unable to contact us on VHF channel 73 or 27MHz channel 90 we also monitor VHF channels 16, 21, 63, 67 and 81 as well as 27MHz channels 86 and 88.


  Get the free Emergency + app for your smart phone and be able to report your exact position to rescue authorities.